NAVISE Printer Rental Service Care-Pack Program

Printer Service & Support

Navise’s printer rental Care-Pack is designed to support various kind of businesses that own the printer fleet in multiple or the same site. In order to minimize the frequent downtime, scheduled preventive maintenance is essential to be carried out timely; by having a fleet of temporary back up loan set of  printers to be deployed at any given time, Navise is ready to take on any challenging situation.

Our well trained technicians are customer-focus, Resourceful, and courteous.  He will take care of the printing problems and leaving you to focus on your business.

NAVISE Care-Packs

Our Care-Parks are specially carter for printer fleets owners. We help businesses owner to reduce operating cost, reduce down time, and improve productivity.  

Parts Replacement

Printer parts replacements is included when you sign up our Care-Packs, options for different kind of printer consumables can be included.  

Preventive Maintenance

Quarterly, bi-annually or annually printer preventive maintenance are available depending on your needs. 

Service and Repair

Our technicians are trained on the latest printer knowledge and technologies. Thus, you are in safe hands with our printer service and repair program.

On-Site Technical Support

When you are clueless about what is happening on your printer, on-site technical support is crucial and surely can save you a lot of time and frustration. 

Back up Loan Printer

In case the printer can not be repaired on-site or timely, equivalent printer will be deployed to ensure minimum down time disruption.  

What is The Printer Warranty Really Means to You

New Printer vs Old Printer vs Navise Care-Packs Support

  • Parts Replacement
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Transfer Belt
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Ad-hoc Printer Technical Support (Off-Site)
  • Ad-hoc Printer Technical Support (On-Site)
  • Under Warranty

  • New Printer

  • Expired Warranty

  • Old Printer

  • Navise Care-Packs

  • New or Old Printer


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