What are the Differences Between OEM Original vs Remanufactured vs Compatible Toner Cartridges?

We have learned about the business model about coffee machine rental at SGD 1 per month, as the profit is generating via the coffee cartridge. Same goes for the printer now, the printer industry is adopting this business model and they are willing to sell the printer at lower than their cost. Because in the end, they will make the money back from the toner cartridges.

In view of this, the demands on toner cartridges cheaper alternatives are raising rapidly and wildly when the OEM brands are not able to prevent or implement IP protection arm to stop the replicates sneaking in their secured market share.

Commonly, you will find three types of Toner Cartridges out there.

  1. OEM Brands which is the originally produced by the printer manufacturer, big brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, Fuji Xerox or Samsung and etc…
  2. Remanufactured toner cartridge which they recycle the original toner cartridge and remanufactured it with their proprietary technical know-how in Singapore. 65% of the original key parts retained to ensure printing quality match with the OEM build.
  3. Compatible toner cartridges are the replicates toner cartridge, mostly made and built in mainland China and import into Singapore.

  • Types of Toner Cartridges

  • Pricing
  • Printing Quality
  • Defective Units Handling
  • Warranty
  • Genuine Parts
  • Brand Owner
  • OEM Brands

  • $$$$$
  • Send in Service Center
  • Up to 2 Years
  • 100%
  • US and Japan
  • Navise Remanufactured

  • $$$
  • On-Site 1 to 1 Exchange
  • As long as the printer rental plan is validLife-Time
  • 65%
  • Singapore
  • Compatible

  • $$
  • Unknown
  • Send in Sales Office
  • Less Than a Year
  • 0%
  • Mostly From China

There are few consideration factors when choosing a toner cartridge

1. Will it cause my printer’s warranty to be voided?

In general, the answer yes and no, OEM brand owner is using this to protect their market share and ensure that they can continue to make money from their OEM toner cartridge. For Yes, if the toner cartridge you purchase is having very low quality and it breaks or the powder is spilled all over inside the printer. Your new purchase laser printer’s warranty will be voided. You will be charged for the repair works.

For the answer is No, if you read through the printer usage terms and conditions, you will know this is nonsense and the warranty should not be voided. However, in due with the trouble and OEM brand control their printer spare parts tightly, most consumer will just continue to use the OEM toner cartridges.

However, you won’t be bothered with this as Navise printer rental package is using their properietary technology knowhow to build the remanufactured toner cartridge. With this, your printer rented from Navise are warrantied life-time as long as the printer rental agreement is valid. Most importantly, the print quality will not be compromised compared with the OEM toner cartridge.

2. How is the printing quality?

It takes few considerations to ensure the high quality printing quality output, that is the chassis design and fit to the printer main body, drum and moving parts that must works well in order to achieve high printing quality in laser printer. Thus, Navise retain 65% of the genuine parts in their remanufactured toner cartridge and replace the key supplies with their in-house developed know-how technology. This is to ensure same printing quality as the OEM toner cartridge while make sure consumer will enjoy cheaper printing alternatives.

Compatible toner cartridges are replicates of the OEM toner cartridges, the printng quality are unknown yet and really depends on your usage and who is the manufacturer and how is their product design and quality control. Feel free to do some research and check out this reputable forum in Singapore if you wish to find out more about compatible toner cartridge printing quality.

3. What is the warranty period?

In general, OEM’s toner cartridge will give you up to 2 years warranty. Navise’s remanufactured toner cartridge gives you unlimited warranty as long as the printer rental agreement is valid. Compatible toner cartridge on the market, the maximum warranty period we found is up to 180 days, which is half a year.

4. What are the technical support for defective unit?

OEM’s toner cartridge, you will need to call in for the basic assessment and troubleshooting. Once it is verify defective, you will need to send in the defective unit to the OEM’s service center for repair. And make another trip to collect the repaired unit. If luck is with you, you might get 1 to 1 replacement on your first visit to their service center.

For Navise Remanufactured toner cartridge, after a phone call to verify the issue with the toner cartridge. Their technical support team will arrange to go on-site and do the 1 to 1 exchange and replacement during office hour.

For compatible toner cartridge are about the same as OEM’s toner cartridge procedures. As they are mainly sales office in Singapore.

5. How much is the toner cartridge?

Yes, this is one of the important metrics to consider too. As you have read until here, you should know why OEM toner cartridge is so expensive and why compatible toner cartridge is so cheap. Now, you should be able to justify why it is a smarter idea to opt for remanufactured toner cartridge if the company owns the technology know-how and have well established quality control or after sales service technical support.

6. Which option is more environmentally friendly? As we are part of the sustainability program.

OEM and compatible toner cartridge is built with raw and 100% new material. There are no recycling parts in it. Remanufactured toner cartridge recycle 65% of the OEM material, thus, remanufactured toner cartridge is also famous for its initiative in recycle local electronics waste in Singapore. If you use a remanufactured toner cartridge, you are contributing to the sustainability program.

In short, Navise remanufactured toner cartridge owns the best of two worlds. You will enjoy great saving and covered with full technical support if the unit is working well. Why not give it a try and start contributing into the environmentally friendly program?

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