Notice to Visitors in View of COVID-19 Situation

No Door to Door Sales Please

Salesman using face mask

Collection and Delivery is Allowed

delivery man during-pandemic-covid-19-prevention-coronavirus-courier-wear-face-mask

Important Steps to Follow

1. Press the door bell and please be waited to be attended
Safe Entry QR Code
2. Please scan and register yourself using the safe entry QR code displayed at the door entrance. Show it to the officer when you are being attended.
Hand sanitizer
3. Sanitize your hand
4. The officer will be taking your body temperature. If it is beyond 38 degree celsius, you are not allowed to enter the unit and advised to leave the building to seek for medical advise accordingly.
5. Put on your mask at all times
6. No hand shake is allowed
7. Keep safe distancing at least 1 metre apart
8. Avoid touching any surface or stay in the unit of office unnecessary.

Safe Distancing At Workplaces and Reminders

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