HP M225dw Printer For Rent 3 Months Startup Credit

$128.00$164.00 excl. GST

  • Soho/SME Printer (M225dw)
  • Monthly Rental : $38.00
  • Print Charge : $0.045 (Per Page)
  • Printer Installation: Self-Installtion
  • Supports: Off-Site Unlimited (On-Site See Price Table)

M225dw Rental Credit


Unused Credit

For Rental Credit


Non- Refundable

For Prints Credit





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Printer For Rent Startup Explainer

New Customer: Purchase startup credit to rent the printer, minimum of 3 months commitment

Billing: Credit will be deducted base on printer rental monthly and print copies

Minimum Credit Threshold: $40.00 You will be asked to top-up if Credit falls below the threshold.

Renewal Option: Top up credit for 2 months or above. (info)

Termination: Fulfilled at least 3 months commitment period, pay on the prints if a shortage of credit or get refunded on leftover credit, terms and conditions apply

Billing Example

Credit Purchase

Minimum Threshold

Rental Validity

Commitment Period

Leftover Credit

  New Customer



3 months

3 months





2 months

1 months


Billing Process

New Customer:-

  1. Startup Credit – Purchase the startup credit to initiate the printer rental service
  2. Rental – Billed monthly, deducted from the startup credit
  3. Print charge – The printer meter will be taken to process the billing and deduct from the credit.
  4. Top up – Be notified by Navise sales admin to top up credit upon credit shortage or printer rental renewal request.
  5. Termination – After the minimum rental period commitment (3 months) is fulfilled, you may request to terminate the plan and Navise will collect the printer.
  6. Remaining Credit – Will be refunded if there is leftover or bill for payment if shortage. [Terms and conditions apply]
Billing Example

  Renewal Credit Purchased


  (Rental cycle starts) - 10 Oct 2020

  1st month rental - 10 Oct 2020


  2nd month rental - 10 Nov 2020


  Collection & meter reading taken - 10 Nov 2020

Two conditions -> 1: Leftover Credit, 2: Shortage of Credit
1. (Leftover Credit) 200 prints X $0.045


       Receive final bill invoice, get refunded


2. (Shortage of Credit) 500 prints X $0.045


       Receive final bill invoice, make payment


Toner Cartridge Request

Easy toner cartridge request – (Note:- Interim billing will be triggered)

Upon request for toner cartridge replenishment, kindly print out “Printer Supplies Status” and “Printer Usage Page” Email Together with Your Request. Toner cartridge will be replenished within 3 work days.

Be notified by Navise sales admin to top up credit if credit shortage in order to continue to print, else, you may continue to enjoy the printing. (See below Sample Table)

Billing Example

  05 Oct 2020

  Startup Credit Purchased


  10 Oct 2020

  Printer delivered (Rental cycle starts)

  10 Oct 2020

  Credit Deduction - 1st month rental


  05 Nov 2020

  Toner cartridge running low

Request for Replenishment, 2,800 prints

  05 Nov 2020

  Credit Deduction - 2,000 prints X $0.045


  05 Nov 2020

  Balance fall below M225dw credit threshold

Balance -$36.00

  5 Nov 2020

  Request top up $ 122.00 before toner delivery

Purchase Top Up Credit

  6 Nov 2020

  Credit Addon - Top up credit


  6-8 Nov 2020

Toner cartridge delivered, continue to print

Balance $86.00

Warranty & Supports


Warranty - Toner


Warranty - Printer



Printer Installation

Self Installtion

On-Line Tech Support


On-Site Tech Support


Additional Supports – Pricing Table

Type of Job



Toner - Request


Off-Site Support


On-Site Support 


First Hour

On-Site Support - (sub hourly)


Subsequent Hour

Printer Installation


Per Work Station

Customer’s Damage and Missing Items – Pricing Table

(USER-Damaged) Defective or Missing Items


Printer / MFP

On-Site Evalution

Printer Cable


Power Supply Cable


Product Specs



Printer Model

HP LaserJet Pro M225dw


Print, Copy and Scan

Print Speed (Black)

26 Pages per min

Print Speed (Colour)


Printing Technology



( 443 x 408 x 372 ) mm


11.1 Kg

Full Specifications Sheet


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