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Yes, please write to us what kind of printer you are interested in.

Feel free to check out our printer repair and support services or business managed printing solution too.

If you need the printer for less than a year (short-term), then renting a printer can help you to save up to 60% of the spending compare to own a printer with Navise printer rental offer package. Check out our tips corner at “Inkjet Vs Laser Printer” and “Buy Vs Rent a Laser Printer“.

Last but not the least, all printer offer plans are covered by Navise’s printer care-packs program. You print, we take care of the rest.

No, we do not provide copier rental service.

We do not see any good reason to provide copier rental service compared to printer rental in terms of ergonomics, flexibility, ease of mobility, privacy, convenience, print quality, ease of use and managing for the end user.

In general, inkjet printer is smaller, cheaper compared to laser printer. Laser printer’s printing quality is better than inkjet printer and Laser printer’s consumable is called toner cartridge (in powder form) while inkjet printer’s consumable is called toner ink (in liquid form).

There is a comprehensive guide that explain why laser printer is better and cheaper compared to inkjet printer. Check in out.

Payment Related

1. QR Pay : –

Step 1 : – Simply scan the QR code with your banking mobile Apps to pay.

Step 2 : – Please input reference: – order number for ease of tracing.

Step 3 : – Send us a copy of payment slip or transaction number.

Navise Payment QR Code

2. Fund Transfer via UEN Number :-

Step 1 : – Log in your internet banking account / banking mobile Apps.

Step 2 : – Key in our UEN number : – T19LL0949B wait for NaviseLLP to appeared before processing the payment.

Step 3 : –  Please input reference: – Order number for ease of tracing.

Step 4 : – Send us a copy of payment slip

3. Direct bank Transfer : –

Bank: OCBC

Account number: 7134-0430-9001

For Corporate Accounts :-

For corporate accounts, formal Invoice can be sent via email by request.
(Please contact us)

100% of the total Sign Up Credit Purchase if cancel less than 3 months lock in period.

Feel free to check out our printer rental agreement policy

Yes, you may do so. For plan upgrade with the same model of printer, no additional cost will be imposed. However, for downgrade, a 50% of the total contract price will be imposed to cover our administration and logistic fees.

Our sales team will send a reminder 14 days before the expiry date. Please purchase the renewal credit for the rental plan in our website portal 14 days advance prior the contract ends date. We regret to inform that any new renewal signup done later then the 14 days advance, printer availability is not guaranteed.

Technical & Usage Policy

We have on-site support for (Enterprise Models Only), free installation (Enterprise Models Only), parts replacement applicable to respective packages. In short, if the rented printer is not working, we will handle it without additional charges.

For new customers, after payment and delivery details verification, delivery will happen on the following working day.

For toner cartridges replacement, within 3 working days.

Yes, please inform us in advance and we will arrange the relocation. (You are not allow to removed the printers location spelled in contract.) Navise will make the arrangement of the location transfer accordingly, date and time will be notified as well.

No, this is to prevent any technical problem arise from the cartridges. We only allow customers use printer cartridges purchased from Navise.

If printer cartridges are not from Navise, remaining credit will be forfeited and you will still need to pay for the print charge base on the meter reading.

We only allow customers to use Navise supplies printer cartridges on our rental printers.

We will charge customer repair fee, we will forfeit the remaining credit and you will still need to pay the print charge according to meter reading.

We do not support inkjet printer rental as printing cost could be higher, please contact us for low print usages. We have the total printer rental solutions.

Feel free to read on our knowledge base center as we have presented a detailed comparison between inkjet versus laser printer and comparing with renting a laser printer.

  1. Inkjet versus Laser printer
  2. Buy versus renting a laser printer

Normal 70gm A4 paper

Recycled 80gm A4 paper (High Quality)

No, our printers for rent are not designed to print labels. Kindly contact our technical support or write to us if you need a printer or printer consumable that is specifically for labels.

No worry, specific printer driver software download url link will be sent to you via email once you signed up the plan.

Yes, provided it is due to printer defective. Paper jam found to be user’s fault such as misplacing or non-recommended paper type, size are used, a 1 time $80.00 service charge will be levied. 

However, most of the printer’s issues can be resolved easily, you can access the printer user guide for more information.

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